EORI number and how to obtain one?
Based on the completed disposition (open the attachment “Disposition”) or authorisation (open the attachment “Authorisation”) verified by the public notary, and with the enclosed EORI number, we handle the customs details regarding the import or export, and draft the unique customs declaration and other necessary customs documentation.
It must be emphasized that any economic entity that participates in enterprises encompassed in the customs legislation must possess an EORI number. EORI number is a unique number in the European Union that is issued to economic subjects and other individuals by the customs service, and is

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used to identify economic subjects in the customs procedures.(in the annex “how to obtain an EORI number”). However, each physical person must also obtain his or her EORI number. EORI number is obtained based on one’s residence (in the annex “where to get my EORI number”). We must warn you that the EORI number cannot be obtained via the Internet because it requires one’s signature, but the entire process is completed within a day. Trans Avio Tim can, as mentioned previously, act as your customs representative. At import, customs fee is calculated based on the customs value of the goods which is its transaction value, i.e. most usually the price listed on the purchase receipt, but with the adjustment of costs prescribed by the Customs Act.

That means that all the costs related to the goods in questions are included into the customs value, such as costs of merchandise transport and insurance, packaging, licencing, etc. At export, the goods are also subject to drafting of the unique customs declaration or the drafting of other customs documents.Having us as your representatives, means you have no obligations or cares when it comes to customs; we contact you once the procedure is finalized and you can personally pick up the shipment or have it delivered by us to your desired location. We are happy to provide expert advice and instructions regarding customs legislation and merchandise categories in accordance with the Customs tariff, and with our service, the process of import and export has never been simpler.

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