We handle the entire process
One of the specialties of Trans Avio Tim is also the logistics. Apart from organising charter cargo transport, we provide the complete service of receiving, storage and transport of various merchandise, with cost optimization. As required, we perform the services of sorting, repackaging, labelling and similar, with the possibility of distribution of your merchandise anywhere in Croatia, but also worldwide. Our service allows you to be carefree because the entire circular process, from procurement, through production and sale to end customers, is completely left in our hands. We handle the entire process for you, choosing the most convenient form of transport (aerial, land or maritime) in merchandise delivery and shipment.
Furthermore, our domestic and international partners own specialized warehouses, preventing damages to your merchandise and ensuring its safe arrival at the required destination.

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TRANS AVIO TIM d.o.o. phone: 01 6265 345, 01 6265 312, e-mail: export@transaviotim.com, import@transaviotim.com