Necessary preparations for animal transport

Fleki will be transported in the cargo area, but he will be treated no worse than you. Specifically, the temperature in the baggage area is only a few degrees lower than the one in the cabin, the space is ventilated and lit as necessary. Also, Fleki is the last to board and first to disembark the plane, making his trip somewhat shorter than yours! That is precisely why Fleki need not take any tranquilizers or narcotics. A vet, who will check the animal prior to the trip, is also available during the entire duration of the journey. You are required to complete our form at least seven workdays prior to the trip, in order for us to organise the trip in time. We also need the dog’s (animal’s) passport with all the owner and dog information, together with the chip number and all the relevant vaccination info (rabies mandatory!) completed and verified by a state authorised veterinarian.

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It is your duty to check all the veterinary regulations pertaining to dog import (or other animal) at the destination of the import, as well as to procure the appropriate transport container. Trans Avio Tim team verifies the information, organises the trip and is at your disposal for any question and advice. Furthermore, the animal must have two bowls (food and water) that can be fastened on the inside of the container metal door. Fleki might not initially like the large container, so we suggest to familiarize the animal with the container for few days prior to the flight. You are required to put an absorbent animal rug or a blanket on the container floor. Fleki can also have his favourite toys keeping him company to make the flight go by swifter.
With us, Fleki will soon be crazy in love with travel!

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