Aerial, road and maritime transport
Aerial transport - Any merchandise safe for passengers is swiftly and reliably transported to the desired destination via regular daily flights. In accordance with your wishes, we can also organise “door-to-door” delivery and transport to the remotest destinations for aerial shipments, with our team of experts monitoring the progress of your shipment in all the control points of its transport route. From the first step to the merchandise delivery. Should you need to transport goods that cannot be transported in regular aerial traffic, you will require our charter cargo transport service.

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Road transport - Road transport is slower, but cheaper mode of transport. It includes the transport of various types of cargo, including the transport of ADR goods. Road transport is fast and flexible, and apart from industrial cargo, it includes the transport of removal items, within the national borders, but also within Europe.

Maritime transport - Maritime transport is undisputedly the best (and most favourable) option for clients who are not under any tight deadlines. We organise container transport of various cargo, where we can organise an entire container (FCL) or a part of a container (LCL) for your needs.

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