Non-standard and urgent transports

In our long and successful practice we have handled the transport of dolphins, bees, guns, furniture, boots, hazardous chemicals… What we are trying to say is that anything that comes to mind can be transported to your desired destination – from a tank to an elephant!  However, such items require organisation of charter transport since they cannot be shipped via regular air traffic. In these cases, we hire an aircraft that will, for your needs, transport all living entities or merchandise, to your desired location and within the necessary deadline.  Should you need to transport something that requires special transport, all you need to do is submit the completed form and our agent will contact you with an offer. Warning: Time necessary to organise the flight depends on the destination and the type of merchandise transported, so you should contact us at least a month prior to the shipment date, to ensure successful, high-quality transport of your merchandise.

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Transport of heavy and non-standard cargo is a procedure that requires special know-how and experience in planning, packaging and aircraft loading capacities. In cooperation with our partners, renowned international organisers of charter transport, we offer a complete service in accordance with your possibilities and needs, whether the issue is the nature of the merchandise, remoteness of the destination or safety concerns at the destination.

Types of merchandise:
Oil industry plants/Plant sections/Airplane engines
Satellite and communication equipment/Vehicle transports/Airplane parts/Helicopter parts
Film and music industry equipment transport

Organisation of transport for goods with a time limitations in any other mode of transport except aerial, /airplane parts, automobile industry, power plant parts and similar.
Our extensive experience in organizing such transports in cooperation with our international partners guarantees security in the choice of appropriate aircraft, equipment, merchandise insurance agent and permits necessary for safe and uninterrupted transport to any destination in the shortest possible period.


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